A True Story


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The human mind is capable of being much more than a hat rack. It can change your life... if you let it. This story is about money matters, because quite frankly... Money Matters!!!

Money is something that most people receiveā€¦ although the amount varies, from person to person. Nevertheless, it is important that we learn how to manage it. Unfortunately, our educational system doesn't teach us very much about it.

I have taught and counseled others about money management over the years and finally decided to compile my teachings into articles and eventually a book. But for now, I want to give you a heads up, on how you (and virtually anyone, for that matter) can take control of your financial life and create whatever financial reality you choose. Because the buck$ start with YOU!

The buck$ start, when YOU take control of the steering wheel, of your "Financial Life" and direct it to where YOU want to go... even if you feel like your present financial life is spinning out of control.

MYOB YOUniver$ity will help you better understand... and thus successfully manage your financial life... in essence, it will help you create the life you want to live. Do you believe that's possible? Well, continue on because I'm going to demonstrate clearly, how you can do that.


I'd like to begin, by sharing a quick story with you... a true story! I remember one beautiful, peaceful summer morning, about 38 years ago (I was about 19 at the time) and I felt like doing something adventuresome.

I had no idea what... but I wanted to do something exciting. I drove around and ended up at a car dealership, where I came across a 1967, 4-speed, Mercury Cougar. It was N-I-C-E!!!

I requested to take it for a test drive... the salesman didn't bother to go with me... he just asked for my license and gave me the keys. Hummm... a nineteen year old adventurous kid, an awesome 4-speed Mercury Cougar, a sunny, beautiful Saturday morning with nothing to do... kinda sounds like a day where anything could happen, huh?

Well, I quickly discovered that this car had an incredible third gear. I mean, when you punched it... it was like the car reared back and then raced forward, as though it was launched... kind of like they illustrate in cartoons. Anyway... fast forward.....

I picked up a relative (who shall remain nameless, to protect the guilty:-) and I parked the car on the street in front of his house, which was a block and a half, from a busy 4-lane main street (an important detail)! As we go to the car, I toss him the keys saying... you know how to drive a stick shift, right... right. And off we go.


From the curb... he floors it and quickly shifts to second. As we approach the last block he hits third and... whoa... you know what happened. And unbelievably, he then shifted to forth!!!! Man... he needed to hit the brakes, not the accelerator.

Finally, he slammed on the brakes, skidded and turned the car sideways, ending up in the mouth of the intersection, with the passenger side (my side... yikes!) narrowly avoiding on-coming traffic!!! Wow!!!

I had more adventure and excitement, in that short ride than I had bargained for and it could have easily cost me my life. It's been said that God watches over babies and fools. Well, we were young..., but not that young, we were not babies... however, we had acted quite foolish. But, thanks be to God, for his amazing grace!

I share that story with you because you may feel like your financial life is spinning out of control. Perhaps you thought you knew what you were doing and had the necessary skill to drive your financial life.


However, much like J (oops, it almost slipped out) there's something about the vehicle you didn't know, or understand. If that's your situation, don't worry. I've shared this story in order to help people, just like you.

There is an explainable, teachable and systematic way to gain control of your financial life and I am going to make it known to you! Regardless of the financial challenges you may face, you have the ability to overcome financial struggle and create financial success. You are about to discover... "The Way Out"!

You can develop the knowledge and skill to drive a fast, heavy horsepower financial vehicle... capable of taking you wherever you want to go in life. Having said that, please know that it's risky to just jump in and floor it!

Therefore, I want to recommend a 3-step process, which will Educate, Equip and Empower you, with everything you need... the Knowledge, Strategy, Tools and Skills to effectively manage your Financial Life.

You will learn valuable insights about this vehicle. You will understand its capabilities, how to harness its awesome power, and how to make it work for you. Doing so, will empower you to drive your financial vehicle, with skill and confidence.


Let's begin, with a quick overview:

1. THINK IT! - Open your mind and allow the information to impact your thinking! Where you are presently is the result of choices you've made in the past. A powerful vehicle can be driven recklessly, without adequate understanding; or safely, through knowledge, training and skill. Be transformed, by the renewing of your mind. Open your mind to new possibilities. "The mind is much like a parachute... it does what it was designed to do, when it's open"!

2. LEARN IT! - After opening your mind, you must feed your mind. Discover insights and information about your financial vehicle, which you currently may not know. The financial education you will receive is not taught in most schools, although in my opinion... it should be. So eat, digest and develop, from a smorgasbord of highly nutritional financial principles, concepts and strategies.

3. DO IT! - Apply your mind... (ie. - what you think and know to be true). This is where real change occurs. By, "Taking Action"... YOU can produce the results you want (ie. - MAKE THEM HAPPEN).


As we move forward, I will address some financial literacy fundamentals, in order to further impact your thinking. For now, I'll simply ask you to "think" about this... we are what we eat; both physically and financially.

By improving your intake, you can improve your output. Understand that unless your income exceeds your outgo, your upkeep will become your down fall!

You can LEARN how to create "Personal Financial Independence"!!!

By following the above steps you can start working smarter, rather than just harder. You can discover how to "Position Yourself To Prosper", through acquiring ownership of Re$idual Income Producing Assets. We'll talk about those concepts, shortly.

Most people don't make enough, either because they

a) DON'T "KNOW" ENOUGH... or


Fortunately, both problems can be fixed rather easily.


Are You Financially Hungry?

Take Action and Attend MYOB YOU



Have The Power To

Change Your Life!!!


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