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A Bit About My Personal Financial Journey!

During the 2007/2008 economic collapse,
The proverbial bottom dropped out,
and all hell seemed to break loose...

initiating a 5-yr period of
Struggle, Strife and Stress!!!

MYOB Financial EmPOWERmeNt YOUniver$ity Overview

However, in a period of just four months, my assets took me from FLAT BROKE at November 2011 to earning THOUSANDS Per Month Residual Income by March 2012!!!

Question - How was I able to do that???

(Short Answer = Financial Understanding + Strategy + Action)

I'll unpack that with more detail shortly, but for now, please understand that


You Are Invited...


To Participate In A Journey From


"YOU" Working Hard for Money
Making Money "Work Hard for YOU"!


And that equates to FREEDOM & SECURITY!!! I invite you to CHOOSE to take the journey with us.


It is my belief that almost everyone has the "ABILITY TO" become financially free, in five years, or less. Unfortunately, most people's thinking leaves them "UNWILLING TO"!!!

Whereas most people are guarded about their personal financial condition, I have chosen to share where I’ve been, where I am, where I’m going, and the actual financial strategies I use!!! My personal story is a journey from

“Money Mess”
“Financial Success”

And Financial Success Can Become Your Reality, Too!!! It's all a matter of choices. But, perhaps you relate more to the money mess part. If that’s the case, please know that it can change. You have choices. You can choose to turn your financial life around! If I can do it… and I D-I-D… then you can do it, too!!! You will soon see that it is P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E for YOU!! And please know that you can get there sooner than you may think!

Ahhh, but therein lies THE REAL PROBLEM! What you "THINK"! We will deal with that issue soon enough. For now, just consider the POSSIBILITY that things can get better... MUCH BETTER!


I've chosen to expose intimate details of my personal financial journey, in hope that my story might inspire others, who find themselves in the midst of deep financial challenges, trouble, or turmoil. So, please keep reading.

Because as long as there is life… there is hope and no matter how bad, or dismal the outlook… YOU CAN MAKE IT… you can recover and turn your financial life around!

I’ve learned that what doesn’t break you… can make you because God has a way of turning your mess, into a message and your test into a testimony! Today can be the last, of your worse days… and the first… of your best days!


Who knows… perhaps your best is yet to come! As Jesse Jackson has often proclaimed 'keep hope alive'! Speak life to yourself… keep hope alive! I love Donnie McClurkin’s song “We Fall Down”! It ministers encouragement, hope, understanding and perspective.

Sometimes, we fall down. We make mistakes. Stuff happens! It’s inevitable because that's the way life is… and life happens to us all.

But as Les Brown (world-renown motivational speaker) is known for saying, "when you fall down, try to land on your back… because if you can look up… by God you can get up"!

So, look up and be encouraged! Soon enough, you’ll be getting up! There is hope… there is help… and there is a way out (I Cor. 10:13). So, as you press through the remaining content, I think you’ll be glad you did.

During the first quarter of 2007, my financial life tanked! The proverbial bottom dropped out and all hell seemed to break loose, initiating a 5-yr period of struggle, strife and stress!


It was an awfully painful experience and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone… including a so-called friend, who contributed significantly to the pain of it all. But, I won’t go there!

Prior to 2007, life had been good! I had been investing in real estate for more than 25 years and I was within a year, of executing my exit strategy. In March of 2003 (based on some new insights I had learned), I developed a personal 5-year “Financial Freedom Escape Plan”.

According to my plan, I was going to sell off a number of properties, pay off my creditors and be financially free! The plan looked great on paper, HOWEVER, I had made a major mis-step! I had not anticipated, or planned for a down-turn in the economy!


Real estate values plummeted! And what was supposed to be my dream retirement… turned into my semi-conscious nightmare! Long story short, I got caught in the global financial melt-down and lost nearly everything… including most of my investment properties… my father’s home… a few so-called friends… my source of income… and nearly my mind. It was an extremely bad time..... I mean... R-E-A-L-L-Y  BAD!

As of this writing, the fate of my own home remains uncertain. We’re still in it, but only by the goodness and grace of God! (Update: Lost my home to foreclosure in Dec, 2010).

My financial collapse hit me hard and kept me depressed for an extended period of time, but I eventually regained some equilibrium and realized that... "I still had choices"!!! I could choose to stay down and defeated, or I could choose to get back up, again… and get back into the game.

(Update #2: Since then, I've been able to get back into the real estate investment game… acquire additional properties and have been financially independent, since March, 2012)!!! What a TURN-AROUND!!! As the lyrics to an old spiritual song go “I’m so glad trouble don’t last always”!

As previously stated, this is a journey... it's my journey... and the journey isn't over. However, there is an important perspective that I want to share with you.

You see… I was able to acquire 17 properties, worth $1.5 million in just 3 years (March 2003 thru March 2006) because of what I knew... understood... and did. I call it Financial Literacy… the understanding of how the world of money works… and more importantly... how to "Position Yourself To Prosper" from it.


I still had the "FREEDOM TO CHOOSE" what I wanted my future to be. I could… and I did… CHOOSE to make a come-back! As Dennis Kimbro, author of 'Think And Grow Rich, A Black Choice' says, “a set-back is a set-up, for a come-back”. I agree with that view point and my reality is… I still know, what I know... and I decided to CHOOSE to exercise my knowledge & freedom to make a come back!

Just because I was down… I didn’t have to stay down. I had lost a major battle, but the war was far from over! Because it ain't over..... until it's over!!! I was broke, but I wasn’t poor!

Broke means… no money! That was my reality from late 2007 thru 2011, however... broke is a temporary and fixable reality. Poor has more to do with mindset and outlook. That too, is fixable, but more difficult because mindsets tend to become rigid over time. And unless a person is willing to challenge what they “think” and be open to new information, s/he will most likely remain Stuck, Broke, & Poor!

The problem is their thinking..., which is commonly referred to as “stinkin thinkin”. It tends to hinder progress because the mind is not open to making any change! Therefore, they remain stuck in traditional, limiting mindsets of working for and relying on others, rather than on themselves... a common habit of poor people!

A Great Definition of POOR:

Passing - Over - Opportunites - Repeatedly

I knew I wasn’t poor… just temporarily broke! I realized that I had an opportunity to "Do Something" to turn my situation around... and that's just what I did!! I am now well on the road to recovery, with multiple Cashflow Producing Properties and Businesses... plus, I’ve started writing a book, in order to capture and share my story.

In just four months, these assets took me from FLAT BROKE to earning THOUSANDS PER MONTH RESIDUAL INCOME!!!

In the Christian world, we sing a song that says… “don’t wait till the battle is over… shout, now! You know in the end… you’re going to win”!

That’s my perspective… I know I’m a winner! Because...


God has given me financial insight, understanding and a plan, for orchestrating my financial recovery. Equally as important though, is the plan can work for anyone willing to follow it!

He’s given me a way to help both myself... and others! Matthew 7:13 states…

“wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”


I’m announcing that I’ve found the road that leads to life. Now, my mission is to help as many people as I can to be among “the few” who find it!

I'm giving you a window into my financial life because I know there are literally millions of people around the world, who struggle financially, stuck in that condition commonly referred to as… the rat race… working hard for money… trading time for dollars…, with very little time… to spend, as they truly would like.

If that’s your situation… please know it doesn’t have to remain that way. There is A WAY OUT...

If you will choose to learn it… and personally apply it…, YOU CAN DO IT! In other words, by your own choices, "You Can Escape the Rat Race" and become financially independent!

I have responded to a Godly call… to proclaim release to captives… liberty to those, who are bound… and to lead the lost…, the captives… out of financial bondage! You will be exposed to… and have access to… KNOWLEDGE, FORMULAS & STRATEGY capable of delivering you from financial captivity.

My mission is to help as many people as I can to make that transition. My own transition began with a decision... a (CHOICE) to apply what I know, and believe to be true… and I am providing you a way to

"Tran$form Your Own Financial Life"!

I have identified the mindset, concepts, principles, and actual strategies that I used… and continue to use... to make my transition. Though this is my personal story, I want to share it with you because what’s happening for me can also happen for you… and for anyone, who chooses to learn and apply that learning.

I really like the way Robert Kiyosaki (best selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) states the way out, in his audio CD program called ‘Choose to be Rich’. His recommended approach is short and to the point…he simply says…

“Think It, Learn It, Do It”!

And I Whole-Heartedly Agree!


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