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#1 - They Don't Know WHAT To Do!

# 2 - They Don't Know HOW To Do It!

# 3 - They Don't MANAGE THEIR FEAR To Do It!

# 4 - They Don't TAKE ANY ACTION To Do It!

# 5 - They Don't PLAN To Do It!


Learn How To

Overcome Those Challenges...


Develop Your Money Making Skills


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( transformed by the renewing of your mind. - Roms 12:2)


Learn In Hours, What Most People


Discover How To Create

"Per$onal Financial Freedom"

Thru Learning to separate HOW YOU EARN income, from your personal time and effort. Doing so will help you transition from, "You working hard for money‚Ķ to making money work hard for you"!!!


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At 2-1/2 years old...
the journey continues!

(Beginner Durand Alto Sax; Rovner Ligature, Selmer S90 190 Mouthpiece, Vandoren Blue box #2 reed)

My favorite musical instruments are the Saxophone and Keyboards. I just love the sounds produced by both. Over the years I've tinkered with keyboards, however, until September 26, 2012... I had not taken any action to actually learn how to play the saxophone. But, I made a decision to get my hands on a saxophone, to get started... and now I'm on my way. I've chosen to share these videos depicting my journey (as bad as they are :>)... because I learned early on that if I wanted to play the sax, I needed to be willing to be bad, before being good... because that's just how the learning process goes.


~~~ Transformation Is Possible ~~~

Let me be the first to acknowledge that I have a l-o-n-g.... way to go! Nevertheless, it's important to also say that I'm no longer where I was just a little while ago. It started with me "Thinking" about learning how to play the sax... then, I decided to pursue actually "Learning" how to play the instrument... and now, I'm in the "Doing" mode... by  practicing what I'm learning. And I've decided to share my journey, as an additional (non-financial) way of demonstrating to others that...

Transformation is Basically a Product of One's

"Thinking, Learning, & Doing"


~~~ Feel Free To Visit Again And Checkup On My Progress ~~~


I Can Almost Guarantee That I Will Continue To Get Better, As I...

"Think It, Learn It, & Do It"


Learn To Play Your Favorite Songs...

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